British Columbia bans vaping in public places

British Columbia bans vaping in public places

The Canadian Province of British Columbia is no longer a vape friendly place to live. From yesterday, it became illegal to vape anywhere where you cannot legally smoke a cigarette, which includes workplaces, parks, beaches, and in a car with someone under 16 years of age. The province's Government says the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act is "designed to protect youth from the unknown effects of e-cigarette vapour and from becoming addicted to nicotine, which is why it treats e-cigarette use exactly the same as tobacco, with the same bans and restrictions." 

Studies have shown that vapour is about as harmless as it gets. The UK's Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology cited multiple sources when it concluded that: 

"...current evidence shows that levels of nicotine and contaminants released via exhaled vapour are neglible." 

So this new ban has nothing to do with protecting public health. Instead, it has everything to do with ignorance and prejudice. In a supposedly free society like Canada, you would hope for something better than this. 

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