Do you have a good news vaping story? Tell us about it!

Do you have a good news vaping story? Tell us about it!

The last cigarette I smoked was on 5 June this year - three months yesterday. I was, of course, vaping before then, but like many people, I used vaping to initially reduce my cigarette intake. I found myself smoking about two or three cigarettes a day for a while, so decided on 5 June to fully make the switch. I had personal reasons for doing it too. My wife was due to give birth on 12 June (he eventually arrived on 19 June) and I wanted to give up smoking before his birth. 

We all have different reasons why we give up smoking and switch to vaping. For some people, money is the motivating factor. I can't say that it wasn't for me, and with a new baby, it's always good to have extra cash in case of emergencies, but primarily for me it was for health reasons. Frankly, I want to live long enough to see my son through to adulthood, university, and beyond. My doctor approves of my decision too. When I last saw my GP a couple of weeks ago, she asked me if I was still smoking. When I told her that I had switched to vaping completely, her reply was, "Congratulations and well done!" 

When I mentioned this vaping milestone on Twitter yesterday, I was amazed at the response. Social media can bring out the worst in people at times, but yesterday it brought out the best. And this got me thinking. If we are to educate the public on the real benefits that vaping has to offer; if we are to convince parliamentarians that the silly restrictions in the EU's Tobacco Products could easily cost lives; if we don't want even more restrictions, one of the best ways to do it is to tell our personal stories - our testimonials. 

I will be adding a new section on the website doing just that, so please give us your good news stories and let us broadcast them to the world.

Although Freedom to Vape is primarily a UK campaign, we know that vapers in some other countries are having a very difficult time. Let us help them fight the misinformation in their countries and the needless restrictions being placed upon them. 

So, over to you. If you would like to tell your story to the world, please email us. If you would like to remain anonymous - no problem. Just let us know. 

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