Hospital wants to ban smoking and vaping on public streets

Hospital wants to ban smoking and vaping on public streets

Some people say to me that vapers need not worry about some of the anti-libertarian legislation affecting smokers. After all, vaping is not smoking. They are not going to come after us, are they? Well, yes they will, or more accurately, yes they are. 

Have a look at this little nugget highlighted by the blogger, Dick Puddlecote. You may also have read about it in the newspapers. In a nutshell, Birmingham Children's Hospital wants to ban smoking on streets near the hospital. Not streets they own; public streets that we all own, although with a publicly funded NHS, it can be rightly argued that we all own the hospital and its grounds, too. 

None of this could be legally enforced, so don't worry about fixed penalty notices, but if this stupid idea was adopted, you can imagine busybodies challenging people having a cigarette on a street corner whilst chatting to their friends. In the consultation document, though, we are asked if the restrictions should also apply to e-cigarettes. 

Now, you would think that a hospital would realise that vaping is not smoking. You would have thought that they would have read Public Health England's (PHE) advice that vaping is 95 per cent safer than smoking. (Whether you believe PHE or not is irrelevant. It is probably closer to 100 per cent, but you would think that a hospital would agree with it) 

Buying a packet of cigarettes and smoking them is perfectly legal in this country, and long may it remain so. But don't think that vaping is not going to face a barrage of attempted nanny state, anti-libertarian rules and regulations pouring on it. 

Fighting these type of stupid ideas emanating from Birmingham Children's Hospital is one of the reasons Freedom to Vape was set up. Please join us! 

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