Message to the City of London Corporation: vaping is not smoking

Message to the City of London Corporation: vaping is not smoking

Vaping is not smoking. That is obvious to all vapers, however, it appears not to be obvious to the City of London Corporation. 

I have been sending Freedom of Information requests to all councils in the UK finding out their policies and attitudes to vaping and vapers. I will publish a full report once I have received all the replies. The reply I received from the City of London Corporation, though, caught my eye. Here is one of the questions I asked: 

"Please inform me if your council's policy on the use of e-cigarettes differs in any way from your council's existing policy on smoking. If it does, please explain the differences."

Here is the reply:

"The policy covers both forms of smoking, with no differences between the two methods."

It appears that the City of London Corporation (in common with most councils, it has to be said), makes policy with its head in the sand. If the corporation wants evidence, it could take a look at the report on e-cigarettes published by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology this week. Here's a quote from the report: 

"The consensus is that long-term health risks to vapers require monitoring, but are 'unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco'. Health risks to bystanders are smaller still, as current evidence shows that levels of nicotine and contaminants released via exhaled vapour are neglible."

I will be writing to the City of London Corporation requesting that it looks at revising its policy. Vaping is not smoking and therefore should not be an add-on to the existing policies on smoking. The same goes for the policies of other councils and public bodies, too. 

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