Will you write to your MP to help the Freedom to Vape campaign?

Will you write to your MP to help the Freedom to Vape campaign?

Whilst the World Health Organisation (WHO) does its best to derail the e-cigarette business, and our friends in Brussels begin looking at the taxation of e-cigarettes, scientists at British American Tobacco (BAT) have said that the toxicant levels in vapour is, on average, 95 per cent lower when compared to combustible tobacco smoke. This does not surprise me, and before anyone starts saying that BAT would say that, it is also in line with other studies. Indeed, in a recent report, the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology said that "health risks to bystanders are smaller still, as current evidence shows that levels of nicotine and contaminants released via exhaled vapour are negligible". As we know, Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians have also stated that e-cigarettes are at least 95 per cent safer for users, too. (Read more about the BAT research here)

Here's one practical step you can take today to help the campaign:

Contact your MP (if you don't know who your MP is, click here to find out) and let them know that unless they speak out, a free market revolution that has the potential to save millions of lives will soon be biting the dust because of prejudice and ignorance. Let your MP know about the All-Party Parliamentary Group for E-cigarettes and encourage them to attend a meeting to find out more about vaping, its benefits, and the dangers facing the industry. 

When you receive a reply, be sure to let us see it so we know the MPs that are supportive of vaping and those who are not. Your assistance will really make a difference. Many thanks in advance for your help. 



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